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About us

Narelle Clark

Narelle Clark      

Technologist, manager, strategic thinker.

Narelle Clark, has over twenty years of experience and qualifications in Applied Physics, Engineering and Management, Narelle has deep expertise in internet and telecommunications technology and policy from both the strategic and hands-on perspectives and sits on a range of in-depth technology policy boards and working groups.

Until recently Narelle was Deputy CEO at the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and was responsible for their research and grants program, ensuring it produced high quality consumer analysis and education. View some samples of Narelle's writing and editing. 

Narelle is a former head of CSIRO’s Networking Technologies Laboratory (most well known as the origin of W-Fi), of Networks R&D at SingTel Optus where she also led advanced network architecture, and a former trustee of the global Internet Society which she represented in the IANA transition co-ordination group

Narelle is also a sitting member of auDA’s Policy Review Panel, reviewing all the policies that govern .au and a board member at the Public Interest Registry (which operates the .org top level domain). Narelle is a senior member of the IEEE and its communications society, as well as the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology. Narelle is a current member of the Australian Computer Society and its Technical Advisory Board.

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Brad Powe

Brad Powe

Writer, historian, technologist.

Brad Powe, Principal of Pavonis Consulting, is highly experienced in the co-operative creation of quality documentation and its management. Brad has produced documentation templates and systems documents to the highest standard for organisations as diverse as Wormald, BHP, AWA, Optus and ACCAN.

Brad has a Bachelor of Science (Physics), with Honours in the History and Philosophy of Science, from the University of New South Wales, and is a former state president of the Australian Institute of Physics.

As an ex-officio committee member of the Chinese Heritage Association of Australia, Brad manages the Association's social media presence.

A sample of his writing is A Certificate in Accordance with the Act in Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies, written to accompany a presentation at the 2013 Dragon Tails conference, held at the University of Wollongong.

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What does Pavonis mean?


You had to ask.

The origins of Brad Powe's thousand-year-old English family name can be traced back to the Latin word for peacock, pavo (then pronounced pah-woh), which is also a constellation in the night sky.

Pavonis literally means 'thing(s) belonging to Pavo': there is a Pavonis Mons (Peacock Mountain) on the planet Mars, and Pavonis Consulting here on Earth.

So we pronounce it Pah-voe-nis and offer you the elegance of the peacock with the diligence of the research it took to find this out.


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