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With a team of seasoned technology advisers Pavonis' core services are as follows:

Technology Consulting
Apart from streamlined processes and procedures, operationalising a business vision also requires measured investment in technology in terms of both off-the-shelf and custom-built applications. Over the past years, Pavonis has worked with numerous organisations, helping them identify their technology-related requirements, offering guidance towards choosing the right product/s to suit their current and future requirements and suit their specific technological needs.

Pavonis offers the following technology related services:
  • Network Planning and Procurement
  • Network Integration and Deployment
  • Software Deployment and Upgrade Management
  • Technology Briefing
  • Technology Impact Analysis
  • Privacy Review
If you wish to know more about any of these services, please do get in touch with us.

Technology Review
Technology has been this generation´s greatest enabler, the greatest source of change, globalisation, and expanding bottomlines but in turn has presented with the greatest amount of threat to our businesses especially those unprepared for cyberthreats. As a consulting professionals who have been part of the technological advances that have marked our generation, Pavonis has evolved a set of specific services designed to offer businesses like yours the greatest business leverage at minimal costs:

Simple Review – conduct of a technical review in response to a short briefing paper. Includes preparation of a report and briefing presentation. Depending on the complexity of the paper, this is expected to take from 1-10 days duration.
Major Submission Preparation – conduct of a technical review and preparation of detailed technical response. This may include preparation of technical proposal such as a response to a tender. Includes preparation of a submission and briefing presentation. Depending on the complexity of the review, this is expected to take from 10-20 days duration.
Systems Definition and/or Review – conduct of a deep technical analysis or review and preparation of detailed technical response. Includes preparation of a report and briefing presentation. Depending on the complexity of the review, this is expected to take from 3-12 months duration, however the level of application would be variable (1-5 days/week). This may include a security (including cybersecurity) review of the systems and services.

Project Management
If you are managing the deployment or integration of new networks or services, particularly in the telecommunicaitons and internet arena, Pavonis can offer you project management services to ensure an effective roll out and drama free cut overs.

Please do get in touch with us to explore project management options that work for your organisation.

Documentation Consulting
In a world where clarity is everything, the quality of your documentation can seriously affect your execution, and your success as an business entity. Pavonis offers a range of communication consulting services that are designed to help you take your organisation to the leadership levels it deserves.

Pavonis can offer Communication Consulting services that ensure your products make sense.

From product specification, web site content and brochures, case studies to whitepapers, your technical documentation is as much a need-to-have for your business as the software / appliance itself. Pavonis people have both the experience in business and technology to understand what needs to be documented and how to say it so that it is clear, usable and reliable. In this way your customers understand how to get the best out of their purchase.

Pavonis can create for you:
  • Network Documentation and Specification
  • Tender Responses
  • Grant Applications
  • Application / Appliance Help Files
  • Application / Appliance User Manuals
  • QuickStart & Admin Guides
For detailed information about any of these services, please contact us.

Process Consulting
With experience in a range of business process improvement approaches, Pavonis can assist you in reviewing and refining your business processes to ensure optimisation and effectiveness. Are there issues with your current processes? Are there places where personal and private information can be leaked?

Using continual process improvement initiatives like Lean, training and KPI reformulations, you save more and more in terms of both time and money while evolving into a more stable, more effective organisation. By reviewing the steps in your processes, regulatory issues such as those under the Privacy Act can be identified.

For more information on how our Process Management services can hep you reinvent your organisation, please contact us.

Business Consulting
In your technology business, it is essential that you have a business model that suits you and maximises the overall efficiency of your setup. Pavonis people have worked with numerous organisations to help them fine-tune their business strategy and streamline their internal operations, leading to better services and products, leading, in turn, to enhanced customer satisfaction and overall profitability.
Pavonis can review your:
  • Business Strategy
  • Operational Strategy
  • Product / Service Sales Lifecycle
  • Change Impact Analysis

Business Strategy
An effective high-level business strategy has typically been seen to be the secret behind the success of most companies that have done well. Typically, every company has an avowed long-term vision, which is organized into smaller time-bound missions. Your business strategy is your company´s chosen path towards these missions, and are critical for their success.

Working closely with your core management, Pavonis will study, capture, and present your existing business strategy.

After this initial engagement, Pavonis will work with your management team in sessions dedicated to strategy and strategy implementation analysis. Typically, these sessions help you identify the gaps (if any) within your business strategy, and help your team arrive at a better understanding of the manner in which your core strategy has translated into processes and procedures on the work floor.

By the time existing core strategies, processes, and procedures are captured, your core management will be ready to engage in discussions leading to a reevaluation and enhancement of your business strategies. This will, in turn cascade as evolved processes and procedures within your organisation. The net result of this exercise will be enhanced integration across the various teams within your organization and greater clarity in where your organisation needs to go and what it needs to do to get there.

With improved processes and procedures captured and documented, your team will be in a position to chalk out steady plans for training and materials creation for identified departments within your organisation.

As newer and newer needs emerge, your organisation will be ready to evolve to the next level of operational efficiency and will be ready to handle emerging requirements very much by itself.

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