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Narelle Clark from Pavonis Consulting is seasoned technology observer. She attends a lot of technology seminars, presentations and meetings and has been writing ad hoc reviews for those interested for quite some time. This is the beginning of a reconstruction from old blogs, emails and extraneous posts not quite lost to time. Please note that all opinions are either her own, [mis]quotes of others, or completely incorrect. Mail her to complain.

Most of her recent blogs are microblogs on Twitter as @nazzer where there will be quite a few security (yes even cybersecurity) observations.

The latest OECD broadband ranking has us thinking

With the latest broadband rankings out there are mixed results for Australia's standing. Why are we where we are, and what is likely to happen in the future?

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S&P think a write down is coming.

It seems Standard & Poors have reviewed NBN Co's business model and joined the crowd of people that think building a broadband network to deliver services to (almost) all of Australia will be very expensive and difficult to make a return on.

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The ACMA change the rules for delivering broadband.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority are changing the rules for how broadband services are delivered. What does this mean?

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After WannaCry.

Increasing numbers of businesses are finding their internet security practices are not up to scratch. What are the basic things that any business can do to protect themselves?

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